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GTF Assignment Deadlines:

There are two important deadlines related to the assignment of fall-term GTF positions:

September 1: Submit your preference of GTF position to Greg Bothun

September 15: The list of assigned GTF positions will be available on the Wiki by this date.


GTF contracts are due to be sent to the graduate school about two months before each quarter; Jodi will email those who are funded by a department teaching assistantship or research assistantship with a reminder about a week before each deadline. To be paid on time at the beginning of the quarter in question, contracts must be signed by these days:

Fall 2013: July 19

Winter 2014: Nov. 22

Spring 2014: Feb. 7

Summer 2014: April 18

The summer deadline is particularly important for first-years: arrangements with a summer research advisor should be made at least a week before this date so that the contract will be ready to be signed by the deadline.


GTF Position Guides:

These pages are intended both as an on-the-job reference for future GTFs to consult when questions arise in the course of daily work and as source material to for next year's incoming new grad student orientation. If you have served as or advised any of the GTFs listed, please check those guides to ensure that they are consistent with your experience. If the grading job associated with any 100-level or upper-level course is unique enough to merit its own page, feel free to create that page.

Phys/Astr 100-level Grader

Phys 201-3 Tutorial Instructor

Phys 204-6 Lab Instructor

Phys 251-3 Tutorial Instructor

Phys 290 Lab Instructor

Upper-level Course Grader


Tutorial Comments/Suggestions:

If you notice anything that you think could be improved upon or find any problems with 202 tutorials this term, note it at the appropriate link below. Examples could be typos, errors in the solutions, bad problems, or particular issues that many students have with a problem. The idea is that every tutorial in the future will have a list of helpful suggestions so GTFs can be better prepared for a particular week. 

Jenkins - 202 Tutorial

Stan - Phys 202 Tutorial








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