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Welcome to the Nazin Group Wiki

George Nazin's group is developing novel scanning probe techniques for atomic-resolution spectroscopic studies of physics and chemistry in molecular and nanoscale materials.

The Nazin group investigates the connection between the chemical structure and properties of nanoscale materials and devices. We are particularly interested in real-space experimental approaches that provide spectroscopic information on the atomic and molecular scales. We have constructed a state-of-the-art Ultra-High Vacuum Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM), an instrument that allows direct imaging and spectroscopic measurements of individual atoms and molecules, as well as construction of artificial nanostructures in-situ.

The powerful combination of atomic-scale imaging, spectroscopy and manipulation afforded by this new STM allows us to gain unique insights into the relationship between the chemical structure and properties of novel nanoscale materials. Further, by combining STM experiments with characterization of devices made using such nanomaterials, we can evaluate how the spectroscopic properties determined using STM methods relate to the device behavior, which is essential for laying out the groundwork required for a rational design of future nanoscale devices.



Nazin Group Winter 2014:

From left to right:
Back row: Dmitry Kislitsyn, William Crowley (undergrad), Ben Taber, Matt Robertson (undergrad), Jon Mills, George Nazin

Front row: Jason Hackley, Josiah Makinster (undergrad), Christian Gervasi, Nima Dinyari*, Moto Honda*

*Collaborative partner


Dan Beaman mounting the STM thermoshields

Looking at the STM through the Viewport
of the Main Vacuum Chamber

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