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The Lonergan group's research deals with the electrical and electrochemical properties of solid-state materials.  Our fundamental studies help to guide the design of new materials and concepts for application in a range of device technologies for the useful manipulation of electrical energy, e.g. in solar photovoltaics or solid-state lighting.  The connection to these applications also motivates many of the groups and Professor Lonergan's educational activities, ranging from the University of Oregon's graduate internship program in semiconductors and photovoltaics to a new Chemistry and Sustainability course.

The group has been a part of the Department of Chemistry and the Materials Science Institute at the University of Oregon since 1996, and since then, its members have consisted of graduate students, undergraduates, and postdoctoral fellows studying materials chemistry and physics.  We are grateful to a number of agencies that have funded our work over the years including the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, Air Force Research Laboratory, Beckman Foundation, and the Dreyfus foundation. 


Lonergan Group Members and Rotation Students (Fall 2012)

The Lonergan Group
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