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Welcome to the University of Oregon Wiki system.

By invitation only: is exactly what it sounds like - a new UO service that
we're piloting. We are offering this service first to academic IT
directors as a pilot. If all goes well, we will expand to administrative
IT directors.

What you get:
If you are interested in using a wiki that is robustly and greenly hosted in our virtual environment, with none of the infrastructure headaches, please submit a request via the process found at

Your responsibilities:
1. Space administration
As the school IT director, you would serve as the user and space administrator for your school. For example, we would architect spaces for each school. You would be in charge of organizing the wiki space within your school. You may decide to create the following kinds of spaces:

School of Examples

  • Administration
  • Dean's Office
  • Information & Instructional Technology
  • Documentations
  • Projects
  • Lunch Preferences & Menus
  • Operations
  • Instruction
  • Courses
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Academic Affairs
  • Tenure & Promotion
  • Space & Facilities
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